About me

Welcome to my page!

Hi! My name is Daniel, I am passionate about technology and I am spezialized in 3D Modeling, Rendering and Game Development.

On this page you will find samples of my work that will be updated gradually over time.



It is a collection of 3D models made by me in Wings 3D.


Here you can find some animation made in Blender.


In this section i show different renders made in Blender.

Industrial Design

Concepts and products

In this section you can see different product projects finished during the career.


Computer Games

Here you cand find my published games and different game prototypes made in Unity.

Click here to see my game page.


Metroidvaniia Controller: An example of programming.
Non Euclidean: An example of a game like Antichamber.
Walk in Shadows: An example of a game like Contrast.
Light Collision: An example of a game like Closure.
Portal: An example of a game like Portal.
Labyrinth: An example of pathfinding in hexgrids.

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